My visceral massage yesterday has left me feeling a bit sore and delicate today. Last night I applied a blend of Geranium and Clary Sage in organic castor oil over my pelvis. Geranium is all about self acceptance and Clary Sage supports transition from past traumas. Castor oil is deeply nurturing and regenerative.

For deep muscular discomfort I like Ice (Deep) Blue Touch Roll on, it’s pre-diluted and is wonderfully soothing and nurturing. I love the aroma as I find that’s the key to it’s powers. I’ve just applied more and am feeling myself relax and sink into an appreciative, soothed, relaxation that is flowing up from my pelvis, through my stomach, solar plexus and sternum and out across my shoulders.

Other people like Lavender or other blends for muscular discomfort. We’re all different.

When I take the time to feel into these oils they are truly wondrous in what they teach me about myself. This is what I teach people to do for themselves, though an oil experience consultation enables me to ask those questions which enable you to gain greater insight into your experience.

It’s been another interesting day as I have many things on my mind and am working to sort through various threads, releasing what’s no longer needed in order to clear the way and help me pull things together. Sometimes we need to step back and let go so we can make room for something new. There always seems to be a rush to push forward and I’m finding  that by slowing down I’m seeing more. Slowing down also gives you greater opportunities to catch errors before you make them. I had this situation occur today! I’ll share more when I learn more.

It wasn’t so long ago that I would hear Dad denigrating anyone who had alternative beliefs. He’s been challenging and questioning me a bit lately and I’m having to slow down to observe what’s behind his tone of voice. Sometimes I’m not sure, but I answer bluntly and honestly and only then do I understand what’s going on. Just a moment ago he called out “Do you believe in UFO’s?” and I didn’t need to hesitate in my reply of “yes.” He was silent for a while and then began telling me who I’d like to talk to. At this point I ignore him as he’s processing his own beliefs and trying to figure out where he fits in. Dad has found himself suddenly surrounded by people he respects who have an open mind. Rather interesting as these are people he’s known for decades.

At the start of the year I was highly reactive to Dad’s tone of voice. It would be easy to say that he’s changed his tone, but he hasn’t. I’m the one who’s changed and I’m learning to see which emotions are driving his behaviour. I’m no longer reacting to his questions or his tone. I’m responding honestly and when I’m anchored in knowing, no one can upset me, except me.

Have you noticed that more people are discussing alternative beliefs?

How do you respond to being questioned about your beliefs by a non-believer?

Do you prefer to keep moving forward?

or do you slow down and observe first?

Do you respond to what people say or to the tone of their voice?

Are you aware of the tone of your voice?







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