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Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope


SMOCK [Pronunciation] is an Order and Diocese of special, medical, and sacred ministry. As an ecumenical Order, membership of the Sacred Medical Order is by invitation to both men and women who are of good character and standing in their community, want to learn about our sacred medicines, and who wish to help suffering mankind.
SMOKH has many hundreds of members from diverse fields. Now in its eleventh year of service, with its focus is on education and medical preparedness. It is established and operates on Nevis Island maintaining a historical and traditional link with the Knights of St. John of St. Christopher/Nevis (c. 1651).
The Knights of Hope maintain a Hospitaller/Crusader Museum and Medical Monastic Library, as well as a service Chapel. It supports the St. Thomas Anglican Church, the oldest on Nevis built in 1643.



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Health & Healing Certification

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  • Religious Protection for You & Your Health/Healing Practice
  • Legal Self-Protection under Sovereignty
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • New Birth Certificate without Global Controls
  • International Driver’s License
  • Access to Conventional Medical Doctors who combine Conventional Medicine with Innovative/Indigenous/Non-conventional Therapies
  • Educate Self
  • Educate Others
  • New  Global Colleagues: Political, Medical, Spiritual
  • SMOKH Membership Directory
  • Open New Global Markets
  • Online Doctoral Courses via PanAmerican University including degrees in Hyperspace/Oversoul Methodologies
  • Educational & Nobility Titles to Build Your Curriculum Vitae 
  • Nevis Healing Center Access
  • Universal News Outreach Podcasts to Promote You & Your Work
  • SMOKH Facebook Page to Promote You & Your Work

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Aether is All There Is


Every aspect of life centers around Aether and electricity; how Intelligence directs physical and nonphysical creation.

Meridian, Vortices & Dream State


Correlation between Chinese Meridians and Hindu Nadi; explanation of esoteric chemistry and esoteric anatomy; understanding the dream state.

EDS/Electrodiagnosis, Jade Machine & New Templar Order

Dimensions of acupuncture points and how to use them; Jade Machine as energetic medicine; upcoming seminars in Tampa & Nevis; New Templar Order

Features of SMOKH Fraternal Membership

SMOKH – the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope – is an ancient Hospitaller organization, dedicated to monsatic medicine, hospital work, nursing care, chaplaincy, etc. This sacred religious Order is a millennium long lineage of a tradition of monks, physicians and nurses (Hospitaller’s) who lived apart from society in accordance with our specific religious devotion – that of medical care for the poor and needy, and defense of the Christian culture and faith. One objective of the Sacred Medical Order (SMOCH) is to preserve western, monastic medicine; license our members to practice this freely under the shelter of the Church; and preserve monastic medicine as an intangible cultural heritage as promoted by UNESCO as a counterpart to the World Heritage. We have defined monastic medicine as: charitable medical services rendered to the poor using natural agents such as food, herbs, and
water; and supernatural agents including spiritual counseling, prayer, divination, worship, fasting, and exorcism. 
Our series of books definitively and historically prove that ‘naturopathy’ as it is know, was the direct result of monastic medical practices of Christendom and the Hospitallers. As an ecumenical, religious Order and a Diocese of the Church of the East, we declare ourselves as an ‘ecclesiastical state’ (a species of government which claims to be immediately directed by God) of individuals who are set apart from society, in the realm of sphere sovereignty, for our special role and ministry. We are an elite Order of members worldwide, in fraternal brotherhood, to preserve our cultural heritage
Member Protections
Healers, doctors, and therapists, as a rule, are least versed in history and law. Unfortunately, some find out too late, until they experience a ‘jail house’ revival or an attorney’s bill remorse. We make no apologies by being a religious Order, taking into account that all ‘social engineering’ of late, is aimed towards absolute suppression of Christianity, not for apparent religious reasons, but mostly for economic interests and global domination. It may take some time for readers to understand this and why? One reason is the well-established domain of ‘sphere sovereignty’ and separation of ‘church and state.’ Over the decades, states have decidedly sequestered away religious rights and ecclesiastical titles in order to dominate those of faith and morals with their rules, regulations, and of course, undue taxation. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. By removing religion out of the schools, it was designed that the children would grow up not knowing their history, and having absolutely no knowledge of their unalienable rights. This is one such example, there are many more. It is only in a state’s interest to subjugate and subterfuge one’s rights for purposes of
domination and taxation. Ignorance is no excuse for the law, so to speak. And ignorance is an important feature of state control. Ignorance in today’s world can cost one a lot of heartache and money. SMOKH is here to help educaate our brothers and sisters
accordingly. Entry into this Order thus entails education. We are not a club or public association. Knighthood is tantamount to chivalry and courageous dignity. A Fraternal Order implies therefore commonality, like-mindedness and mutual support. That is principle number one. One does not simply opt to ‘join’ SMOKH, one must be sponsored by an active member. Membership in SMOKH is a privilege, not a state right. Number two is proclaiming your individual sovereignty. Knights of old were the first ambassador’s. Their reputation allowed them to cross territorial lines, deliver letters to Kings, Monarchs and Queens while defending the poor and needy. They were in many respects, exempt from laws and norms of behavior as their chivalry and loyalty was declared to the Kingdom, that above the monarch, and in many cases outside the rule of the Pope.
Know Your Station
To understand your sovereignty you must begin to understand jurisdiction, and actions both ‘public’ and ‘private.’ Once you understand the concept of privacy, if you are a healer or consultant, you will probably want to make as much of your life deeds and actions in the sphere of privacy, outside of ‘public law.’ Just as ‘tax avoidance’ is completely legal, so is ‘public avoidance’ which is especially valuable in today’s world of police state surveillance and litigation free fall. In the spiritual domain, we offer a genuinely unique opportunity with education and religious exercise. We use the term ‘religion’ in the legal sense, do not be confused. We know of no other institution with anything remotely equal to our repertoire of benefits. You can go to our Schuber Catalog of courses and see why we offer both Degree(s) with a Title of Nobility (that is your first level of protection). As much as secular publications downplay titles of nobility, they actually are marks of your separation from affairs of State to that of the Church. Again, we use the term ‘church’ in the legal sense, do not be confused. A title of nobility, with our church license of vocation, provide you the vehicle out of the purview of imperial forces and shelter within the global Church. It may take you time to understand this, and we provide online courses to this effect, and mind you what we are speaking about is not only time tested, but was actual widespread practice before World War II. It is not ‘outlaw’ but is law of the land.
#1 We ascribe to ‘individual sovereignty.’
Sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. Churches have had this purview since the era of Constantine in ancient law, and was respected by the founding fathers, and ruled upon by the supreme courts hundreds of times. Becoming a vetted, ordained, and sanctioned ‘member’ is first and foremost a statement of intent to yourself – your first step on the road to selfdetermination. We provide a course on Diplomacy and Sovereignty as a measure to screen and insure members this universal principle is not only well understood but practiced. A declaration of individual sovereignty is essential and requisite for chivalrous behavior expected and enforced in this dynastic Order of Christendom. We issue you a clerical ‘Birth Certificate’ as a ‘child of God’ so declared under the Kingdom of Heaven as testament of your salvation, sovereignty, and sanctity. Again, do not get confused. You will no longer be ‘strawman.’
#2 We ascribe to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
for recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family which is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world irregardless of state actions. Under rules of the United Nations, we issue an ‘international driver’s permit,’ and ‘international medical permit’ to our humanitarian relief participants. Such ‘hospitaller’ activity is insured in international law, Geneva conventions, and customary practices by the Red Cross movements founded to protect human life and health, alleviate human suffering, carried out by more than 97 million volunteers by distinct organizations that are legally independent from each other which includes SMOKH (a registered NGO, hospitaller Order, with the United Nations)
#3 We ascribe to 'sphere sovereignty.'
The Church, as the ‘Ecclesiastical power as distinguished from the secular: the separation of church and state,’ is the visible manifestation of Christ’s Kingdom on earth. The Church cannot be created nor subject to the State. It was one of the principles of the sixteenth-century Reformation that the Church and the State as separate governments operating under their own ‘sphere sovereignty.’ The Church has its own distinct responsibilities, activities and authority or competence, and stands equal to other spheres of life. Neither faith-institutions (e.g. churches) nor an institution of civil justice (i.e. the state) should seek totalitarian control, or any regulation of human activity outside their limited scope competence, respectively. Members completing training of clerical competence, and taking vows to the Kingdom and Sacred Order, are issued an identification passport as an Ambassador (Apostle) of Christendom
#4 We ascribe that 'monastic medicine,'
and other forms of natural therapeutics, originated and belonging to the Church by dynastic succession, and is and was exercised as
ecclesiastical sphere function. Ordained priests attend to matters of soul and psychiatry while matters of bodily care are attended to by priest-physicians, friars, and church nurses (hospitallers). Therefore, SMOKH ‘sanctions’ and licenses healers to ‘Heal those who are feeble, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons’ – Matthew 10:1. We believe Jesus summoned and ordered His twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness, and is part of international law and continues to be customary practice of Ordained clergy of the world’s largest religion – Christianity, a time honored practice of faith and morals.
#5 We ascribe to dynastic and apostolic succession.
It is the promise of an Apostolic Succession and an effectual presence with the Ministers of such Succession and those by then commissioned by the Church (dynastic) unto the end of the Christian dispensation, we follow as orthodoxy. Again, if you have not thoroughly studied ancient Church (pre-Nicean) history, you know not this meaning (for the moment). The Church Has Apostolic Succession by Authority Transferred by the Sacrament of Ordination. Apostles operate within the legal sphere of Church matters and influence and are separate from state function and therefore ascribe and practice clergy– penitent privilege, clerical privilege, confessional privilege, and privileged communications. Clerical physicians were the first licensed physicians of the Americas and founded the first medical school of America (Yale College 1701). Heritage and history is more than important.
#6 We ascribe to Apostolic succession as a parallel to dynastic rule:
a succession of members of a powerful group, that being the Knights of Christian military Orders. According to Christian historians, Constantine the Great, son of Helena who became Saint, had a vision, in which he saw the sign of the cross with the sun rising behind it, and saw and heard the words in hoc signo vince (“In this sign conquer”). Constantine issued an edict of religious toleration, Christianity became a legal religion and he invited church leaders to assist him in making the Roman Empire a Christian society at the first council of Nicea. In the following decades a massive church growth, wonderful new church buildings, changes in laws and customs, church leaders taking on political and social roles that change human history forever, and by the end of the fourth century, Christianity had become the religion of Rome and followed with a series of dynastic rulers (Popes and Monarchs) and religious Orders. The world system known as christianitas (Christendom) came into being, an alliance between church and state that would dominate Europe for over a thousand years, make its way to the Americas, that still impacts the way Christians think and act, the way
the courts rule, and the way decency of society is still maintained. The dynastic rules of the religious Orders provided the only stability in Europe as Rome collapsed and the dark ages descended upon the landscape. The Crusades gave birth to the Knights of St. John, Knights Templar, Knights Teutonic, Knights Lazarus, the Knights of Christ, the Knights of St. James (Santiago), etc. that effectively acted as a military force, and in some cases became regional governments in Rhoades and Malta (Knights of St. John). The Knights of St. John also implemented the world’s largest hospital in Jerusalem, and became known as a ‘hospitaller’ Order. The Knights of Lazarus established a leper hospice outside the gates of Jerusalem, and further established leper colonies throughout the Levant (Ancient Palestine) as most skin disease was considered ‘evil,’ contagious, and such ‘possessed’ souls best isolated and quarantined. Most hospitals were built, organized and maintained by religious Orders, worldwide, well into the 20
th century. The ‘hospital’ as we
know it today, monastic medicine which gave birth to ‘naturopathy,’ was and is a distinctive feature of the Church of Christendom. Healing should remain with the Church, its origin and function.
#7 We ascribe to dynastic succession.
The Hospitaller mix of apostolic succession (priesthood) and dynastic rule (physician-surgeon-nurses) was maintained by monastic
rule. We ascribe to dynastic succession by allowing those of faith and morals to take oath and vows to enter into Knighthood. Our hospitaller-knights (and Dames) are trained in monastic and hippocratic medicine and thus shelter and operate in sphere sovereignty. We consult, tend to, nurse, hear confessions, bandage wounds and shattered souls, counsel on life-style and personal matters, all under the functions of clergy, both ancient and modern, and exempt from the purview of the ‘practice of medicine and surgery.’
#8 We ascribe to and are the subjects of the Kingdom.
Because, where there is one king unto one kingdom, there is but one law. Now those whole of mankind so subscribes to God as to one king, according to Ps. 46:8: “God is the King of all the earth.” Therefore there is but one Divine law to those sovereign Christian. When the church and kingdom are studied they are found to agree in the following particulars: 1) The source of authority or the Head, 2) the laws, 3) the subjects, and 4) the territory. By taking vows into a dynastic/apostolic religious Order, you ascribe to sovereignty under the Kingdom
#9 While on earth, we ascribe to Fraternal Brotherhood:
A religious, Fraternal Order of people joined by similar religious backgrounds, vocations, and interests (from Latin fraternitatem “brotherhood”). Fraternity developed in the Christian context of religious orders in the Church during the Middle Ages (Knights Hospitaller) and further extended with the middle age guilds, e.g. the ‘herbalist’s guild,’ followed by the early modern formation of the Knights of Pythias under President Lincoln, the Freemasons, the Odd fellows, the Red Men (native American), the Knights of Maccabee’s, and other fraternal service organizations. Members are referred to as a brother or – usually in religious context – Frater or Friar. Further, we as Knights, following a ‘doctrinal succession’ have declared our ‘ecclesiastical sovereignty,’ enjoying sovereign power and not under any state controls, operating in ‘sphere sovereignty’ according to our ancient lineage under the ‘church’. We well realize for most of you reading this just opened a whole new vista of world history, totally removed from the modern textbooks, yet ‘still on the books’ in law and customs. Medicine is and was a purely religious practice from its inception, and only recently commercialized and made ‘secular.’ Beginning with the Shaman-Priests, little needs explanation, but fewest know that acupuncture originally was used for ‘exorcism,’ it was not some caveman with a rock and sore foot. The entire development of nursing did not begin with Florence Nightingale, she trained with the Deaoness’ hospitals under the steward of Rev. Passavant which spread to the Americas and Canada. Benedict Lust, founder of American Naturopathy, was commissioned by Father Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest. The medical history books have all but covered these aspects and substituted their ‘fake views’ to hide this sacred history. However, the Knights havereturned!
Our Videos & Books
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Interviews with Dr. Charles McWilliams

Natural Medicine Parameters


Dr Stewart A. Swerdlow,

Dr Charles Williams  &

Dr Kevin King

Natural Medicine Parameters

Natural Medicine Parameters: Boriken/TAINO Indians Connections to S.M.O.K.H

Does Joining SMOKH give you Indigenous and Cleric protection under UN Law? How does Sphere Sovereignty affect you? What are YOUR rights to health vs. Indigenous rights to health? Do you want and deserve the same health rights as Indigenous Peoples?
Dr. Stewart A.  Swerdlow Interviews His Honorable Dr. Charles McWilliams, Grandmaster of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope with fascinating news about how YOU can be adopted by the Boriken/Taino Indians of Puerto Rico, gaining further protection for Indigenous Medical Practices, getting the Healthcare YOU want and learning/teaching the way YOU want.
The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 13,  2007.  SMOKH already provides protection under Monastic Medicine. Now, SMOKH offers another layer of Indigenous Medicine protection that you must know about.  Interested?

Dr. A Swerdlow and Dr. McWilliams

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Latest Interview with

Dr Stewart A. Swerdlow and Dr Charles Williams 


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Stewart A. Swerdlow Interview

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Global Independent Alternative Medical Facility

Monastic Medicine, state license vs church commission; alternative medical tourism; creation of a global independent alternative medical facility.

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Health, healing, disease and death of the physical body by more closely examining the subtle bodies of humans and their functions, dividing them into these categories: etheric, mental, causal and astral. Templars role in healing.

Medical Independence for Healer & Patient

Sphere Sovereignty: Separation of Church & State and what this means for you.

Astral World

Astral shell of the Earth; Caldron of Energies; how the Church taps into the Caldron of Energies; demonic entities; lower astral vs higher astral; dangers and benefits of the astral; Theraputician –new SMOKH certification based upon Templar teachings.

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Human condition on Earth and how to change it; how to live as a human while acknowledging your Spiritual Origins; Origin of Templars; Templars survival of Papal decrees; morphing of Templars into other organizations; Christopher Columbus and Caribbean history of Templars; Nevis’ role in the revival of hidden Templar esoteric knowledge.

Atlantis & Templars are Alive in the Caribbean

History of Sacred Order of Medical Order of Knights of Hope & Benefits of Membership as well as why Nevis is an up and coming place to know about.