OK, people. You know that when I look at the news every day and decide what to tell you, I often think how ridiculous some it sounds. I also think how amazing that the general public accepts the “official” explanations and never gives it a second thought.

Today I read an article from Europe that showed a volcanic geyser that opened up on a public road just a few meters away from the end of a runway at Rome’s airport. It smells of sulfur and spewing boiling hot water into the air! The authorities covered it with a protective shield to make sure no one breathes in the poison. They said the airport and the flights were in no danger at all!

They stated that most likely this is the result of the volcanic explosion from Pompeii two thousand years ago!! They said it was very likely for hot pockets of gas to be trapped in the ground and stay hot for a long time, then explode out. Really??  If that were true, there would be nothing left of the Mediterranean region or the Pacific Rim! Hard to believe that readers accept that cover story. If I lived in or near Rome, I would be very concerned!

In another story, there was a small quake in the Irish Sea that was felt in Northern Wales and parts of England. These have happened before and are pretty rare. The cover story is that this quakes was the result of the glaciers that melted 12,000 years ago that cause the pressure on the Earth to be released and so the quakes happen! Well… the quake was centered UNDER the water. The water creates similar pressure on the bottom as the glacier did. But, the water is still there.

If that were true, quakes would be popping all over wherever glaciers ever existed. They don’t!

The media really needs to come up with better stories. They are becoming so stupid, that only stupid people would believe them. Oh…..right! 🙂