Part 4

When you do try to communicate, you have your own set of filters that process whatever communication comes back to you. Most likely, somewhere between the other person’s lips and your ears, their words flow through your own set of filters. What you actually hear may not be what the other person actually means to say. This is why it is important to use your Oversoul as a filter so that all your preconceived ideas on all levels are removed. This is the only way that you can truly objectively hear what the person wants you to hear. Listening through your Oversoul may not reduce the anxiety level of your “output” communication, but it can help with the “input” process.

Once the “input” process becomes less threatening as you hear what is really being spoken versus your filtered version, your “output” communication becomes less reactive. You can send your “output” through the Oversoul levels. This aids the other person in correctly hearing what it is you wish to communicate. All of this helps for cleaner, clearer communication that does not get muddled within life experiences that have absolutely nothing to do with the intended communication process.

There are many things that you can do to correct and balance your own personal social anxiety. First, recognize that you do have a challenge when it comes to hearing what other people actually say/mean, so learn to use the Oversoul level of communication.

Pass your fears out through the top of your head to your Oversoul. Allow it to flow and flow and flow.

Even when you use the Oversoul level, you find that some people do communicate with malice.

These people become your “test.”

Are you worth standing up for?

Can you stand up for yourself and be heard? (cont’d)



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