Part 5

Before going into any social situation, be sure that you have your T-Bar archetype balanced, your brown merger archetype in place, your chakras in the correct color/order, and you have your protection in place. You may want to place an extra layer of brown for grounding around yourself.

Check your throat chakra to ensure that you have a good ice blue color there. Mentally wrap your throat area in maroon for courage to speak up. Make sure you do not have anything there which symbolically keeps you mentally restricted—high or buttoned collar, tie, choker-type necklace, etc. Open up the throat by wearing less restrictive clothing and/or accessories. These things do make a difference. Plus, the other person to whom you are speaking picks up on these “closed down” type of clues, similar to body language.

Realize that you are not alone—probably everyone to whom you speak has a form of social anxiety on some level, somewhere in his/her life. Use the Oversoul level to determine what is really happening, versus what your filters tell you. Also use the Oversoul to prepare everyone in advance for your conversations.

Use the correct color codes to make a difference. Think about the clothing that you wear, as well as the colors. Do they promote or close down communication? Think about the words that you choose. Recognize your own weaknesses. Then proactively push yourself a step, or a half-step, at a time, to move beyond your own self-imposed boundaries. Do your release work on those people who you perceived added to this mind-pattern, and include yourself!

Think about how you would like to be, hold the vision, use your affirmations to get yourself there, and allow your Oversoul to guide the process. Make an effort not to judge or criticize your progress, but instead observe it, let it go, and know that each time your efforts and results will improve—even if the improvement is to stop judging and criticizing yourself! You really are no different than anyone else—it is just that this is something that most people do not discuss.

No one really watches you as closely as you watch yourself. You can make a million “mistakes” and you can probably list them in detail one by one. But no one else can. You are your own harshest critic. Most other people really do not care, so do not build their view of you into something that it is not accurate. Release your need to be harsh with yourself and fill the void with the pale pink of Compassion from your Oversoul. Self-love, self-worth, self-confidence; you can do it by beginning the process now. END. 

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