Do you think of yourself as a spiritual warrior? If not, then this is a title to which you might want to give some serious thought. In today’s environment, the tide is against spiritual movement, much less spiritual development. The entire Earth is so heavily and thoroughly bombarded with waves and waves of ELF that the best that most spiritual seekers can hope for is to maintain the status quo.

The Global Handlers  do not want you to find out any more spiritual truths than they pass out through organized, conventional religion. After studying the religions of indigenous peoples and taking their knowledge, the Global Handlers ridiculed these religions as superstitious, called the natives heathens, and turned public opinion against these peoples. This still continues to this day.

As a spiritual warrior, you must develop the mental acuity and perception to delve into spirituality in its purest form. Doing so means that you save not only yourself, but ideals and ideas that are all but extinguished as people are driven to distraction on all levels. Humankind has become mentally bereft of nourishing ideas, emotionally pulled in every direction as relationships become increasingly fragmented and distant, and physically disabled and weak as the food supply dwindles down to only merely enough real nutrients to maintain the physical structure as a shell of its potential.  (cont’d)