As a spiritual warrior, you must be strong enough to fight to regain your lost spiritual ground. You must dive deep into your own internal waters quickly because the outer world is doing everything it can to lead you anywhere but where you can find your own personal power. There is a thick, sticky, energetic ELF soup that is layered in the atmosphere, permeating everything beneath it, from the food that you eat to the buildings where you live, work and play and into your own physical body to befuddle your brain so that your true mind can only barely function.

This is not a battle, this is a war; a war to save your own soul from further sinking into a myriad of mass confusion. You are at the mercy of the advanced technology that in the hands of a few, tricks you into believing that the technology is more powerful than your own mind; your mind that is consciously connected to your Oversoul and God-Mind, the most powerful force that can possibly exist.

As a battery with a never-ending power source, how could the Global Handlers trick you into believing that you are helpless and they are all powerful?

Why do you live in fear of their lies and deceit?

Are you not a microcosm of the macrocosm?

Are you ready to stand up and claim your power?

Do you clearly hear your own inner war cry that is trying to catch your attention; to force you to remember who you are and from where you come? (cont’d)