Are you through with the distractions and pettiness of the world?

Are you ready to turn the tide and reclaim the life that you designed for you?

Or would you rather suffer at the hands of those who want you to feel pitiful and small?

Listen within and you will hear the still, small voice that is not so still anymore, that is crying louder and louder through your internal distractions in hopes that you can finally hear it.

Feel the heartbeat of your own internal spiritual warrior. Reclaim your right to a healthy mind, body, and soul; a whole and complete lifestyle; true knowledge and the wisdom to use it appropriately. Hear your battle cry in your effort to save yourself from going down with the ship when the ship is an illusion and the water is life-giving not life-taking.

As you develop your spiritual muscle, the oppressors will not be pleased. They will take new, more powerful action against you, forcing you into retreat. But the joke is on them, because the more they push you, the more you learn how to develop your spiritual muscle out of necessity; out of spiritual soul survival. Spiritual muscles that have lain dormant for far too long now awaken, strengthened and encouraged with each memory that finds its way into your conscious mind.  (cont’d)