Your most challenging oppressor becomes your greatest teacher, unknowingly and unwittingly leading you to become the greatest spiritual warrior ever! Your tactics increase, your tools grow, your skills are enhanced, your spiritual muscles are exercised and nourished in ways you never would have accessed were it not for the obliging nature of the oppressors.

Stronger and stronger you become, winning back your own identity, fighting to get out of the prison into which you have willingly walked. You are a spiritual warrior! You have overcome the oppressor, because the oppressor is only a reflection of you! You have come full circle, meeting yourself where you started by lifting the lid off your own oppression and releasing the need to have your internal oppression outpictured for you and to you by others.

As the old “helpless, woe-is-me” mind-pattern dismantles, there is nothing to hold the oppressor in your space. You find that the spiritual warrior within has found true freedom at last. That which you are looking for is truly inside. Correct your own inner imbalances and the outer imbalances automatically correct themselves under Universal Law. Behold the mighty spiritual warrior! You have won the battle against yourself and in doing so, the battle in the outer world ceases to exist. END.