Over the past two days I’ve been described, by different people as ‘spiritual’. I paused each time and that had me asking myself why. I’d been wondering if the label was a judgement. Why would I think that? Spiritual is one of those words that has many different meanings and which meaning was being applied to me? I saw that it was non-judgemental observation.

I caught up with a friend who is ‘spiritual’ too, but in a different way. She explored the oils I carry with me everywhere and I saw her response when she picked up a roller blend called Forgive. Her whole awareness shifted. I talked her through balance and centre, protection and then inhale. Her eyes were closed and it was interesting seeing her frequency change. She talked to me about what she was feeling. I asked a few questions, which brought greater awareness and deeper insight. I literally saw her protection amplify as the oil cleared psychic energy from her body. She suddenly breathed and her whole body relaxed.

I LOVE this process! Oils are spiritual!

What does spiritual mean to you?

How do you feel when someone describes you?

Have you ever experienced the spiritual nature of essential oils?

What do think that means?



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