Finally I broke the barrier of abandonment and start my blog.It’s very harsh time for me fore the last few weeks.Going back to January Class we all set up goals for this year(at least ten).I set my and then pretty sun appeared in doubt-how I’ll do it?Low self worth jump to the top of my mind.That’s one of my huge issue as well as abandonment.In December last year I start training for new career (as I seen that) Public Adjuster for residential home and commercial building insurance.After attended good amount of hours in training classes seminars en meetings I couldn’t pass the test for state license.I made a five try and fall all.After the last one I ask oversoul and the answer was it’s not for you so I’m back driving truck even I’m not sure I do right.                                                                                                                                                                              Another important my goal for this year was get divorce and this also go not like should be.I contacted attorney,talked to wife,she agree but she’s doing everything to slowing process,keep the status quo to have servant and slave as long as she can.I thing her animal mind told her “you not gone find that naive person easily”. Next my goal was sell the house and this looks better.The house is on the market for one week and two family already watched.                                                             But the main my goal was-intensively work on my mental issue.I’m working but not enough intensive.Rest of my goals are less important or not in time yet but in English language improvement I see a progress.                                                            To be honest I must say I’m not understanding some thing how the LMP FB page work.For example I see notification someone like my page LMP on FB .I’m going the end don’t know how to menage page.I hope after I post this story something may shows easily.I’m gone  need to change little bit my intro to add some information about consultation time and pricing so I understand the only webmaster can do that.I promise to be more active  on the blog,find the time to start translating videos like Janet mentioned and be the real part of Expansions not a figurehead.When I’m writing this blog I feel like kind of positive energy com to me through this blog calming thunder of thoughts in my head.Lots of love for All.             The next blog I well translate on Polish but this one I skip.