Part 1

I thought about how I feel about all the people that I know around the world, and how I would feel if those connections did not exist. I realized how isolated and alone I would feel, and then I started remembering the time before the Internet, and before I really started reaching out to people.

Some of you may know my story about how I lived in a farming area in rural Eastern Washington State. I was extremely isolated—I traveled 50 miles one way just to go grocery shopping, so basically it took my entire day whenever I need to buy food. Because I didn’t have children or go to church, I really did not have a way of meeting people.

I was very lonely and isolated, so I decided that if I was so lonely and isolated, there had to be other people feeling the same way. So, I took out an ad in several of the local papers in the surrounding communities that were within an hour’s drive. It was only about 3 lines, but it just stated something about a metaphysical group forming to discuss a variety of topics which I listed with my phone number. I had almost 30 people show up at my first meeting. And that was almost 35 years ago. (cont’d)


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