Part 2

This really was my first step out of isolation. I developed a group of close friends who became my support system. It was this group of people who encouraged me to write my books and do consultations. If I hadn’t made the effort, I might still be sitting alone in rural Eastern Washington State, bemoaning my fate.

I took a big risk.  I remember mentioning to a woman at the time something about meditation, and her response was, “you better be careful about using that word.”

A part of me was frightened—what would people think of me?

Would I be ostracized?

Would people think I was weird or strange?

But I found out that the more I honored who I was inside, the more I attracted others who also honored the person that I was. Someone has to be the one who takes the first step.

I also realized that almost everyone has had at least one strange experience that he/she is not able to explain or understand, so on some level, people can relate. Sometimes you have to put out little things to see where people are, like what sign are you, did you read the astrology column in the paper? Or maybe mention a strange or interesting dream and ask what they think about it. Start with a little tidbit that isn’t too threatening and see who steps out. You might be surprised—I know I really was.

And people came from all walks of life; from business owners to a Catholic nun, even the postmaster of a nearby town came. I really began casting my net upon the waters to see who was out there, waiting for me to take my next step. (cont’d)








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