Part 3

If you close yourself off because you are afraid, then bemoan the fact that you are alone, you have to take a look at what you are doing to yourself. Most people have an inner person and an outer one that they show the world. This means that a large part of you is closed down most of the time, living in virtual isolation.

We are fortunate to have the website with all of our blogs, podcasts, and articles where you  have the opportunity to learn from us…and US from YOU. This is people helping people on all levels.

Stewart and I both take the attitude that we are always being watched, monitored and tracked. These days, the reality is that everyone is being watched, monitored and tracked. You can live your life in fear, which is what “they” want, or you can get on with your life. They want you to live in a self-monitored prison. They don’t want you to find out who you are, much less who your friends are.

The more risks you take as far as sharing what is going on in your life, the greater the payback, meaning that the more you put out there who you truly are, the greater chance you have that like-minded, supportive people will respond.

Yes, you also run the risk of being ridiculed, but who doesn’t? Risk happens in many facets of life, including work and play. You may share an idea with a co-worker, or try a new sport—all these run the risk of ridicule. But if someone laughs, does this mean that you should shrink back into yourself, or become bolder, continuing to move forward?

No one can find you if you don’t extend yourself. The powers that be are depending on you to be in a self-created state of isolation. They are counting on you to have shallow friendships and relationships, of living in a state of fear, and keeping your thoughts of self-exploration to yourself. If you dare to venture out, then they have planted all around you a myriad of distractions to run you around in circles until you go back inside and hide again.

This is the only way that they can control you—is to play games with your mind until you are conditioned to play games with your own mind. Then their work is done and you are done. Case closed. You destine yourself to a life of isolation. You accept and agree to this, and then you complain about it. (cont’d)






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