Part 4

Baby steps are fine in the beginning, but it is time to step up to the plate and take some giant steps. Go to your Oversoul, not only ask, but demand, that those people who are waiting for you to end your isolation so that they can end theirs, be made ready to share, because you are ending your isolation.

Do not let your fears stop you from reaching out to others. If you do not do this, the powers that be will again win. They are counting on you to be afraid. They are counting on you to want to share but not be able to break through your fear. They have worked for eons of time to instill these actions in the population and they are counting on their work to speak (or not speak, in this case) for itself.

Silence is letting them win. Most people are not good at communication because effective communication is not encouraged. Discord, disagreement, and disharmony are the norm. This is what keeps you isolated and distracted. The more, the merrier.

You can fight the battle of “good vs. evil” by taking control over your mind and your own environment. You can speak up for yourself and share who you are with the world. Release to your Oversoul all that you no longer need, and create what you do need, even if you are awkward at first. Everything needs practice, including sharing more of yourself and your interest. (cont’d)




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