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Stewart A. Swerdlow, great-nephew of former Soviet President Yakov Sverdlov says that he is a survivor of the “Montauk Project” which was an outgrowth of the secret government “Philadelphia Experiment”. He is a main subject of the award –winning “Montauk Chronicles” docudrama produced in 2014 by writer/director Christopher Garetano.

“Montauk: Alien Connection” (Sky Books, 1998) is his autobiography in which he details his incarceration which he believes was designed  to silence him, as he openly writes about how he was convicted on 1 count of opening a bank account without proper documentation.  He was then illegally sent to prison outside of his jurisdiction until this was eventually remedied.

Mr. Swerdlow now works as an author, lecturer and personal consultant based upon his personal experiences and has been on the self-help/conspiracy lecture circuit for over 20 years.

In his line of work and international travels, he meets and interacts with many people, amongst them was Max Spiers.

Mr. Swerdlow says, “I was saddened to learn of the death of Max.  He came to Poland to escape unsupportive people who would not let him see his son, ex-girlfriends who stalked him, and other family members who made his life miserable.  We had exchanged Skype and text contacts and he wrote to me about his personal issues, as do thousands of people around the globe.

“When I read that relatives are saying that he was involved in a cult and people heard satanic rituals in the background of phone calls, I had to shake my head. First of all, do these family members who are reporting this speak Polish? Since he died in Poland, anyone speaking in the background would have been speaking Polish.

“I am truly saddened that instead of letting Max rest in peace, attention-seeking trouble-makers are trying to literally cash in on his death as well as drag myself and others through the mud.

“Unfortunately, people try to embellish their own lives by making outlandish claims about others. Many people are “wannabes”.  There is no cult. I work alone. I have no followers.  I have nothing to do with Opus Dei which I openly trash in my work. This story has been totally sensationalized. Max’s  passing was truly tragic. His passing has absolutely nothing to do with any conspiracy.  The people who are saying these things about me and my work, if they are actually saying these things,  are leaving themselves wide open for a lawsuit.  My attorneys are well aware of what is going on and this statement has been approved by them. “