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Is It Me, Or Are Humans Really Stupid? | Expansions

Is It Me, Or Are Humans Really Stupid?

During the past couple of days, I have been reading the news to find something interesting for the podcasts. But, lately, it’s the same old, over and over again. In fact, it is all so stupid, I cannot hardly believe that ANYONE actually believes it! I guess most of the population is really dumb and accepts whatever the news tells them.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

– On the Weather Channel, it states that July 2016 was the hottest month ever in recorded history. Of course, they blame global warming ( which I will explain in September what it stands for)  Then it goes on to say that only .15% ( that’s POINT 1-5) of Antarctica is ice free. But I thought it was melting??

– An article on states that oceans are going to inundate all coastal regions by 2100 as the ice caps melt. Then it states –why haven’t oceans risen in the last 20 years? Oh, let ME explain. It’s because the ice caps are NOT melting, morons. They are getting colder!

– On the radio this morning they said that people should where sun screen ALL day, even inside because you might get exposed through a window. The woman went on to say–you know how dangerous the sun is! Yes, I do, thank you. Do YOU know how dangerous sun screen is! It causes MORE cancer than the sun! Geez!

– Then reading the stories on CNN about the Rio Olympics–pools turning green, robberies, rapes, empty stadium seats, banning Russians for doping, dissing Israeli athletes, body parts and feces floating in the water where boaters will race, etc. Don’t even talk about the bogus Zika epidemic that does not exist. The ones who started that story already have small heads! People who attend the Rio Olympics would have to be Brazil nuts!

– The news is already preparing you for the next disease. They stated today that Yellow Fever in the Congo will probably go global. Yes, just in time for the coming Fall season when they always create a new pandemic.

– The army of South Sudan entered a village and raped the foreign women, beat their own people and shot up food supplies, using weapons given to them by the US and EU. Meanwhile, UN troops 2 km away REFUSED to respond to calls for help. The US Embassy refused to answer pleas from US citizens for help! WTF! Shades of Libya and Iraq.

– Just watching the fake antics of Hillary and listening to the drug-induced rantings of Trump make me cringe to think that this is what the USA has become. The government is filled with buffoons who make Idi Amin seem like a wise man.

Today I had a client ask me about humans becoming “awake”. Well, if this is how they are awake, better put them back to sleep! Yikes! The Earth really does need a real invasion. Can people really be this stupid? Is it the programming? Pot? Fake food? What??

I feel that something BIG will happen in the next few months. I don’t know what it will be, but I know it will be staged and designed to create anger and fear. Do your work, people. There is no time to fool around now. Don’t believe anything on the news or from politicians. Stay out of the oceans. Don’t drink tap water or eat commercial foods. Don’t walk near alligator habitats! Use a bathroom designated for your genitals. Don’t condemn police officers for shooting at hoodlums and criminals! But, for God’s sake–DO NOT be humans! Be the spiritual beings that you are. You are Eternal, Immortal and Unconditionally Loved!

Hope to see ALL of you at the September Spectacular! I truly have info I must never write here nor speak in public. It will NOT be filmed. Make the effort. This is it!

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