Part 1

The chaotic times in the world are representative of the chaotic times inside of yourself. Nothing is real, nothing is connected; everything and everyone is simply adrift on the ocean of life on this planet.

If you are not “real’ to yourself, then you create an outpicturing of this kind of food to hold that kind of a mind-pattern in place. It is difficult to find “real” food even in a supermarket. There are plenty of chemicals, preservatives, and dyes, but where is the food? It is sad when “homemade” means you added water to a boxed mix rather than picked it up ready-made at a restaurant or deli. People are “forgetting” what real food is and how to create it. Food is symbolic of knowledge; people are “forgetting” what real knowledge is. They are trying to satisfy their hunger for food/knowledge with substance/ideas that are no longer “real.”

People are losing their creative abilities as they grab every fascinating distraction that catches their fleeting attention span.

Why create from within when others are creating from without?

Why create when you can passively sit back and be fed useless information via radio, television, and electronic games? “(cont’d)