Part 2

Where is your internal drive??

Where did it go??

Why do you allow yourself to be passively plied with other people’s hopes and spend your time in outer-world-directed daydreaming instead of actualizing your own inner potential?

Do you have any goals?

Or are you numbed by ELF bombardments?

Do you feel hopeless and miserable because you have not “achieved” whatever is being touted as the current trend?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others who “have” what a part of you feels “should” be rightfully yours?

Are you allowing yourself to be buried in a world of chaos where every time you start to dig yourself out you are thrown back into the pile?

Have you been beaten down so many times that you have lost your will and way?

Have you acquiesced to the chaotic system where the chaos has control over you instead of you having control over the chaos?

Who are you and where did you go?? (cont’d)