Part 3

The geological climate of the world reflects your own internal chaos, as who you are struggles to find a way out through all the extraneous junk frequencies that you have accepted into and onto your own soul-personality.

If you are a volcano of emotions ready to explode, then does it not make sense that the world is full of volcanoes about ready to explode?

If you feel overwhelmed with a flood of unexpressed and unresolved emotions, then does it not make sense that a sea of water (tears) will flood and overwhelm the land (your so-called place of ‘grounding’)?

If the deepest parts are trying to shake the rest of you into awareness, then does it not make sense that the Earth upon which you stand is reacting to this by trying to shake you also? If you cannot feel your own inner shaking that attempts to awaken you, then perhaps you might finally “get it” when the Earth itself gives you a great shaking?

If you are warring inside of yourself, then does it not make sense that the world outpictures this warring side of you?

If you cannot find peace within yourself, then how can you create an outer world of peace?  (cont’d)

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