Part 4

Everything that you see is an outpicturing of your inner state of being.

The more you study it, the more you finally learn about who and what you are.

You can stay in this state of chaos, complaining about it, and perhaps even fearing it. Or, you can use what you see and experience as an opportunity to move your own internal chaos out of yourself and up to your Oversoul.

Moving through the chaos is a challenge that, should you accept it, strengthens you in ways unimaginable. But in order to move through it, you have to:

  •  Recognize that chaos exists.
  •  Recognize that this is only an outpicturing of your own internal state.
  •  Be willing to look at the chaos.
  •  Start releasing the chaos, bit by bit, piece by piece.
  •  Learn from the chaos so you do not have to experience it again. (cont’d)