Part 5

The deeper you get into your inner state of “re-organization” the more chaos you may find. The deeper layers are more chaotic than the surface layers. These are the layers that have been suppressed for eons of time that have been pushing, pushing, pushing their way to the surface on their way out.

Take control of the process. Stand in your center. Anchor Self in Oversoul and God-Mind. Feel your internal strength. Stay focused as you re-organize. Know that some days are better than others. Realize taking a few step backwards may be the only way to gather enough strength to propel yourself forward.  You are moving through thick, heavy, energy and as this happens, the outer world is going to outpicture it.

So, think again—is the chaos that you see around you a necessary tool for moving the inner chaos out?

Could you get from Point A to Point B without it?

Is the existence of chaos in the outer world a natural outpicturing of the inner growth of your own soul-personality?

Is chaos a part of the natural order of the universe, and therefore, a natural part of yourself?

Must one always pass through the tunnel of chaos to reach the doorway of inner peace?

And if so, what kinds of attractive distractions will catch your attention?

Will you become enamored by them? Will you stop and embrace them?

Or, will you keep moving toward your goal?

Chaos is, and always will be, a mystery to those who allow themselves to be caught up in and by it.

Only by appreciating and learning from it will you survive the strength of its grasp.

The End.