February Featured Specials:

FEBRUARY is a 2 Frequency Month –  The 2 Frequency is Physical/Spirituality Duality
Since the Physical reflects the Spiritual, we are offering you the following Featured Specials:

Complete Body Scan        REG:  $350         NOW:  $287.00
The Complete Body Scan allows you to correct any potential health problems – both known and unknown – before they manifest in physical form.

Home Energy Scan           REG:  $206         NOW:  $161.00
Your home represents the “Mansion of Your Soul”.  The rooms and design represent your mind-patterns; the furniture and colors represent your fixed thoughts.  The area where it is located reflects your energy.

Compatibility Report        REG:  $350         NOW:  $287.00
Every person is a package—both positive and negative. Use the “Compatibility Scan” to determine who you want in your life and how to better deal with those who are already in your life.

“Removing Addictions” –  Personalized Complex Healing    Archetype   REG:  $296        NOW:  $197.00
Custom-designed just for you. Each archetype symbol that emanates from your specific mind-pattern is studied and analyzed to determine exactly what needs balance and strengthening for you to release your addictive behaviors.


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