“Hi Janet and Stewart,

“I am seeing and experiencing such amazing changes in my life that I want to personally thank you both for your work. Thank you for the sacrifices you both make to teach us what you know and help us better our lives. It’s been such a short amount of time since I became a member of Expansions- only a few months of having every day access to you and Stewart compared to 57 years of accumulating so much pain and so many layers of programming and health issues, I’d say the changes you’ve helped me make have been miraculous. Thank you so much!”


Jenny W.



“Stewart – You have changed my life.

“I knew about you and have followed you ever since about a year ago. I have just been recently applying your hyperspace work and it is beginning to find a place within me. The improvements in my life are forever ongoing. The more I practice, the more I realize I ultimately know.

“It really works, Stewart, you are a gift, indeed.”




“Janet and Stewart, as you so often remind us that what we see in life is a reflection of what is going on inside our head. Using your deprogramming and hyperspace techniques, significant changes are happening for the better and I created them. Over four months I have observed at work changes that were unimaginable previously. There has been a complete reversal of the oppressive atmosphere. ALL of the old management with this attitude has been replaced, and new creative solutions are emerging along with a logical approach to issues. Also I’m not working so hard. Good news-Thanks a billion!!”


Carrie Baer

“Expansions is my new best friend!!

“Stewart & Janet I would like to thank both of you so much, I just am feeling so much appreciation for the both of you at the moment…Janet I read your book a course in self re-integration..awesome. Stewart I just ordered Stewart Says.. so excited about it. Have been reading the archives of Q & A..Wow, lots of learning, I go to many sites for news and info, but now expansions is my new best friend. Your site is essential reading, you are so on point! And on every subject too…and now the excitement is really bubbling about attending a seminar with you guys.”




“I just had to write and tell you, the warm glowing feeling I get when I read your so personally directed letters in my email box! I sit there reading, and a knowing smile comes across my face.

“It is just as if you were sitting right in front of me right at that moment, and since I haven’t been able to attend your events, it means allot! It is a caring, guided,and contented feeling like you are a shepherd (Not sheep-herd – LOL) watching over us. Thank you for that!”

Gloria T


Dear Stewart and Janet.

“I would like to thank you both immensely, for your help, for the consideration, for your advice and for your patience. For all the dedication to me and other people.

The help I have received no matter how miserable or sad I was has made me see life in a different way. I think everybody should read “Decoding Your Life“- “True Reality of Sexuality” “Hyperspace Helper“- “1,099 Affirmations” etc. In fact every book has advice for each occasion.

“An enourmous thank you from Spain”.

All my love,

Catalina P.


“The DNA, Galactic History & You DVD is amazing! I even got my younger brother to do it and he doesn’t believe any of this at all. How I did it was simple, he was begging me to go buy him pancakes, I told him go get them yourself you have arms and legs, he said I’m not leaving this house. I said ok, fine, I’ll do it if you’ll do a basic mental exercise. I asked him what did you see…he said “writings” what does it say? He said its another language that I cant understand, he also saw symbols too. This DVD is well worth having, also its ok if you don’t see anything the first time.”

“I want to say that I very much enjoy the Oversoul work that you both share and work on. It resonates well with me. I felt one with all things in a split second before it faded if that makes sense. I grow more every day and I feel more connected to my original self as each day goes by or should I say each “realized” moment in the ultimate now. It’s like automatically I understand it right away as if I already knew like I’ve been a sleep for years and finally woken up in a zoo filled circus. But ultimately I know it wont be that way forever.”

“Thank You Both.”



Our Dear Stewart,

“I was laughing at loud when read this newsletter or note to us! :-) I cannot resist to write my sincere huge appreciation of what a tremendous work you do. It took me almost two years of my “digging for the truth” being so frustrated and overwhelmed with some misinformation or disinformation to get to your interviews . Like many of us, meaning newly awaking souls, we heard the big bells ringing somewhere but we didn’t know in what exactly place. Just wanted to thank you and your wife Janet for everything what you do.

“I started reading your books and am amazed of the results. I do practice with my husband and with some friends of mine. We use “The Hyperspace Helper The User Friendly Guide” and “The Healer’s Handbook: a Journey into Hyperspace” (two other books of yours are on their way here). I was raised in Roman Catholic Religion and started to analyze the bible a long time ago and a lot of writings did not make sense to me. Now I see and am expanding my beliefs and getting closer to the true God-Mind beautiful LOVE that can be FELT!!!! Thank YOU BOTH FOR That!! Pardon me for my English as it is my second language. I hope you understood my intention properly!”

Your listener and follower,

Barb Wolski


“Special Holiday Greetings to the Swerdlow Family!

“May I express my sincerest gratitude to you & your staff. Everyone was courteous & patient w/me. No one made me feel like an idiot (because I’m a newbie.) So people, please DO NOT underestimate the time & commitment involved behind the scenes w/the Expansions group. While people are shopping for stupid stuff this season I’m shopping at Expansions for life saving/awareness tools that will last a lifetime. Never thought I could once again feel this kind of excitement! MERCI & giggles!”

Linda A Robinson


“Hello Stewart, Janet:

“As this Thanksgiving rolls around I must say that I’m very thankful for you both and all that you do. You are great teachers and have offered so much to the world. I’ve never met you but I feel I know you well and that you are “family.” Just know that you are both loved a lot.”

Mary Lou Boudreau


Dear Stewart & Janet,

“Congratulations on the successful conference! I wanted to let you know that this year has been stupendous for me thanks to finding your work, deprogramming, affirmations, etc. Lately, I am stumped as I find it difficult to reconcile possibly ending marriage and how this will affect the children. Just got e-book Belief Systems Shattered and it’s fantastic! Looking forward to receiving Complex Archetype Template. The 2 small ones I received are great!”

With gratitude and warm regards,



Hi Stewart,

“Many, many thanks for name scan, body scan and further name scan. It explains so much. My general character is quite strong but perhaps it was being thwarted by the energetics of my adopted name. I was considering changing back to my original name (the thought popped into my head the day before) and, after reading your consultation, this has confirmed that I must now take steps to resume my birth name. I will be using my full name of Gwendaline, rather than just Gwen which everyone called me when I was younger. When I made that decision, it felt like a veil being lifted and I felt more positive and energetic.

“I am truly looking forward to reading the books and studying the DVDs and I hope that this decision to resume using my birth name has the desired positive effect, as I have felt blocked sometimes and as if going round in circles. This you explained so well. By the way, Decoding your Life is an excellent, practical book and in fact shows me the things I have achieved (even with the difficulties!). Hyperspace Helper is also very practical and useful. I have been using the UP technique but it would seem I needed to deepen the colour of violet which I have done. Once again, many thanks for everything and all the good work. Lots of Love to yourself and to Janet”

Kindest regards



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