Hi people–I’m home! 🙂 I wanted you all to read this article which I submitted to Huffington Post and which they rejected with no explanation. Actually, their rejection speaks volumes! So, I am posting it here for all to read.

In addition, Simon did a live interview with me during our Kuiper Belt conference on Skype which will be posted soon to our Gold member’s section.

Here is the article as it was submitted:

Huffington Post—Simon Says; A British Politician With Connections In High Places

Early in 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting Simon Parkes, an Elected labor Councilor from Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK. I was invited to speak at a conference hosted by Planet X Radio in Liverpool. Simon was also a speaker who introduced himself tome and we have been good friends ever since.
In my travels and work as a writer, lecturer and researcher, it is rare to find someone in conventional politics who confirms what I know and adds more to my understanding of what is going on around and above our watery world.
Simon Parkes, 53, has had a highly interesting life indeed. His grandfather was part of British Intelligence MI6 and his mother worked for MI5. His grandfather was a diplomat for Britain and actually met with JFK, Roosevelt, Truman, and Stalin. In Russia, Simon’s grandfather discussed the Roswell, New Mexico incident that took place in 1947. Apparently, at the time, the Americans did not trust the British with this information so Simon’s grandfather was briefed by Stalin about what the Russians knew of it.
Simon’s mother was handed secret documents, many of them with official German government seals, which she transcribed and handed over to her superiors. She was told that even though she worked for British Intelligence, her true bosses were in America.
The documents described alien vehicles and technologies that were found or somehow obtained from all over the planet. Even back in the 1960s and 1970s, alien information was one of the biggest topics of global intelligence services.
When Simon was three and a half years old, he became ill with chicken pox. His mother had to leave on an assignment and actually left him alone in their flat. She told him that “they” would take care of him. As soon as she left, Simon was visited by alien beings who watched him throughout the day. At one point, “Men In Black” showed up to watch the house, even coming to the door with weapons. Simon heard their American accents.
After many years of service, his mother became overwhelmed with the information she was seeing and working with. She asked to be released from her position, as she was promised that she could leave at any time. She was granted her freedom but within two weeks, died mysteriously. Simon believes she was murdered.
His experience has been with two groups of beings—one mantid (mantis in US English) and a lion-like group. Simon says that he is not an abductee or a contactee, but rather, that this is a soul agreement with these beings to have a relationship. The mantids told Simon that he is one of them. The mantids have shared a lot about world history, political agreements and even health information with Simon.
In fact, people come from all over the world to see Simon; to get advice and his mental energetic treatments. He helps people with such issues as trauma, programming, and multiple personality disorders.
Simon was elected as a Labor Councilor in London with 75% of the votes and spent many years there helping his constituents. He later moved on to Whitby where he has been in office for over two years. In fact, Simon was elected AFTER revealing his alien experiences publicly.
The people in his constituency are extremely supportive of Simon and his work. He is well respected and has proven to be a great Labor Councilor in his district. There is hardly any ridicule or adverse reaction to the information that he states.
Simon has been interviewed several times on BBC as well as numerous radio shows in the UK. He is treated with respect; people listen to the information and judge for themselves.
Simon feels that the time is right to step out of our comfort zone and do research for ourselves on the topic of extraterrestrial life. He advises people to shop for information to see what feels right to them. People appear to be more open these days to the non-conventional and more willing to look at what is going on behind the scenes. Global media in recent months and years has also been more receptive to providing data to the public regarding what is happening is space as well as in governments.
Simon also believes that in the future, when space aliens are made known to the public as fact, the attitudes by governments to alien beings will have to change to have good relationships with them. He says that many world governments already have established connections with various alien races which are kept secret for various reasons.
The history of humanity and of our world may not be exactly as we have been taught in school. People in power tend to keep such secrets contained within their own circles to maintain control and direction of the general public.
What will be the reaction of people when an announcement is finally made that reveals that aliens do exist and have been visiting the Earth since its beginnings? Will religion change? Even the Vatican has stated in recent times that aliens do exist and are our brothers in Christ. That is a major step toward changing the narrow viewpoint previously accepted about other beings.
We live in a galaxy with over 100 billion stars. Our physical universe contains over 100 billion galaxies. If even a tiny percentage of these stars have planets with intelligent life, the number of civilizations in the universe is staggering! If we then consider that there is a multiverse in creation with infinite realities as possibilities, as quantum physics and string theory suggest, then the possible life forms out there may be more than we can ever imagine.
Simon will be speaking at the Probe Conference in March 2014. It is the largest UFO conference in the UK. I am sure he will have a very receptive audience. I hope to be among them.
It takes a brave and dedicated man to hold public office in a major technological nation and reveal the information that Simon has provided. He hopes that the future of humankind will be a good one, where people respect and honor one another and collectively create a truly free and happy society. I hope his wish comes true!

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