I provided a brief summary in the first post, im still unsure of its direction but i definitely have the experience that I want to share and hope it can help others.

I’ll start with the diet the keto – food is what you learn or knowledge, how you ground it etc..
Keto you are stripping away the sugar and the carbs, these items bring an instant gratification to you. Comfort food. After doing this diet I realized that people against Monsanto are a bit late in the game of point fingers at who is poisoning you. Sugar was the beginning.

When I was in Greece last year my aunt kept repeating her story to me about this tree in the village. The same tree my father would tell me about, the same tree Im going to look for when I go again – I have no idea what it is called in english, but it produces a pea pod looking thing with no peas but instead a sap. They would use these pods buy simmering them in water and creating sweet syrup. If it wasnt this it was honey. During my father’s and family’s childhood the nazi’s occupied Greece and they did a great job of taking all your food and leaving with you nothing. So honey wasnt option.

So now my mind wonders and thinks where did sugar come from? Obviously there is raw cane sugar, there is honey, but sugar? Its been in my face since day one. I ask my mom, was there sugar in your village? She says yes but it was rare, sugar was a rich man’s product. So now im like what is up with this sugar creation. I stumbled across a podcast and a writer was being interviewed, this writer either did a documentary or an article on sugar and fat. He may of wrote an article in some magazine stating “what if it was all a lie” attributing to the “low fat diet”. In this podcast the writer stated from his research that processed sugar was developed by the Germans in the late 1800’s as a performance enhancement drug for their soldiers. I do not know if this is 100% true I have yet to do the research on my own, but go figure right?

Have you tried removing sugar and refined carbs from your diet? What happens to you? How are your thoughts affected?

Like I said sugar and carbs brings comfort and instant gratification. If the German thing is true – then its supposed to be instant cause it was meant to be a drug. Think about your life and what you do with your energy. Think about what you want to do and why you dont. It’s easy to make excuses, or easy to be blind to the reasons why you should do something. This is self sabotage. How do you think this will change if you remove sugar and refined carbs from your life?

In my Journey I remember the first week of doing this, I had many things I did not want to think about come to the surface. I remember cutting my avocados up thinking about negativity with my brother with family, with anyone. I cut out the physical comfort of sugar and I was forced to deal with my emotions. I had no choice, it was difficult, like an explosion. Im taking in healthy food and bringing out the negative.  My body my soul my mind was telling me if you want good you need to get rid of the bad. The bad begins with your mind pattern, your buried emotions.

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