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As God-Mind explored Itself, It thought of Duality. As soon as there is a Thought within God-Mind, there is a Response. Everything happens in the Eternal Now. The immediate response out of God-Mind was the Christ Consciousness energy frequency.

This was the first illusion of separation. Because God-Mind is All Things, It can never be separate from Itself. The Christ Consciousness energy frequency is a reflection of God-Mind Itself.

The Christ Consciousness energy then created the infinitely repeating 13x13x13 Oversoul Matrix through which all lifestreams pass, with the Angelic Hierarchy at its tip.

Together, this forms a tetrahedron, the symbol of perfection within God-Mind. All of Physical Reality is a reflection of this Oversoul Matrix. For this reason, the 13x13x13 cube became the model for programming and mind-control.

This cube is seen in the Islamic Kaba, as well as in the New Testament of the Bible where it is referred to as the “Holy Spirit.” The cube is the basic architectural format of the original Temple of Solomon, as well as ancient Catholic cathedrals in Europe.