2 NEW “Complex Healing Archetypes”:



     “PERSONAL ARMOR OF PROTECTION”     A CUSTOMIZED Personalized Complex Healing Archetype to Enhance YOUR Specific Protection needs.

  “RELEASING FEAR”  How does fear present itself in your life? Does it provide a balanced counter point? OR, does it prevent you from attempting or accomplishing those things you need live & grow to your fullest positive potential?

These were such a SUCCESS with our attendees

that we are giving them to YOU at the great rate of:

  $219 Each  – REG $296
Or ALL 4 For only $888  
(Total Savings of $296)

All Other Complex Healing Archetypes $233 

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Contact Patricia to place YOUR Order:
269-519-8036 (USA)
[email protected]
Skype: eventsatexpansions

Complex Healing Archetype Templates are personalized and custom-designed just for you. Each archetype symbol that emanates from your specific mind-pattern is studied and analyzed to determine exactly what needs balancing and strengthening for you to accomplish your goals. You are unique with unique issues contributing to your mind-pattern, so no two templates are alike.

This Investment will Change your Life

Each Personalized Complex Healing Archetype has “keys” that lock into the archetypes emanating from your current mind-pattern. These “keys” move and adjust the current archetypes in your auric field so that the desired mind-pattern can be installed. Yes, a “forced” mind-pattern change into the one that you consciously want!

You’ll receive a high quality PDF file.

       (Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

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