I’m finally accepting that I AM home. Not only back home in Australia, but home with Dad and more importantly, home within my Self, wherever I AM.

My entire life I spent much energy trying to figure out how to leave. How to get out, to leave here, wherever that is, to escape is what I was wanting. The problem was, no matter where I went, there I was with all of my issues being reflected back at me by different people.

I spent years wanting to escape to the country. I achieved that through illness. Then I wanted to escape and move overseas. That didn’t happen, though I still do regular trips each year. I ended up moving back home. Few thought I would survive here. Actually, most people told me I wouldn’t survive and that I’d be back. Those people don’t know me. However, within hours of being here I was trying to figure out how to leave.

I recently returned from a big trip overseas. It was 4wks of non-stop mental work, self development. I thrived. It took me over a week to settle back home, in Australia. Things have changed back home, with Dad, and I’m continuing to learn the ways we’ve both changed.

I’ve been ringing companies changing my mailing address. Better late than never. I’ve seen the impact this is having on my relationship with Dad. All things at the correct time.

I’m looking into joining a gym and membership is another indication that I AM home. I’ve been thinking about all the positives this will give me, time out from here, social interaction if I choose, exercise, which is needed. I’m actually looking forward to showering elsewhere and the oils I can use afterwards. Dad doesn’t like the oils I use. He uses them himself, but any that I use, he dislikes. I feel more confident about arriving home from a gym smelling wonderful (he won’t think so!).

I have been pushing the oil issue since I returned home. They’re my passion and my work. How many people love their work?! and I’ve been feeling constrained. I’m seeing the gym as giving me an element of my life back. I’m looking forward to arriving at 6am, working out and feeling alive again, ready for a full days work.

I just saw an oily post from one of my friends: Oils with Melissa Melvin. She spoke about Peppermint and its benefits in workouts. That’s what prompted these thoughts. Peppermint is an oil that I don’t particularly like, but its properties are greatly beneficial, which is why I use it. It’s such a refreshing, wake up scent and Melissa reminded me that ingesting and inhaling Peppermint prior to a workout can enhance performance. doTERRA have a range of Peppermint products including the neat oil, a roller bottle that is diluted and child safe, beadlets which contain 1/4 of a drop of essential oil. I gave one of these to my friend yesterday and we both popped one into our mouths. I was very remiss in not telling her how strong it would be, and she certainly found out. I guess I’m used to them and need to remind myself of my first time popping a beadlet into my mouth. The aroma is strong and I like to inhale and breathe it in. It clears the sinuses, wakes you up, you can breathe it into your lungs, it will break up any mucous. The aroma is refreshing and fills your entire mouth and it lasts quite a long time. Yes, one of those will work wonderfully prior to a 6am start at the gym.

Ice Blue blend, also known as Deep Blue, is designed specifically for muscles and joints. Gym dedicatees use this in the cream pre and post workout with great success. It also comes in a 5ml neat blend for targeting areas. I like the diluted roll on and use it whenever I feel beaten up, it’s soothing and yummy to the senses. I do have a tendency to push myself and that can move into self abuse. Good thing that I know myself.

So.. seeing my friend’s timely post provoked a lot of thoughts for me and has increased my motivation into finding the correct gym for me.

What sort of exercise do you do?

Do you care for your body pre and/or post workout?

Do you feel at home?

Where is home for you?

Do you ever feel like you want to escape?

Where would you go?

Do you realise that no matter where you, there you are?

Do you know what I mean by that?


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