The song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers echoes in my head as i am writing this post. Things have been going forward for me and i am starting to get a momentum that i have wanted for so many years. I have also been very busy with trying to keep up with my Mathematics studies, working, participate in our Community, train for the Ultra Marathon, and reading and watching videos from the video channel and elsewhere. There was a time when i started my Saturdays with a cup of coffee and a joint, then i smoked all trough the day, just sat and watch documentaries on youtube, some friend would come over for pizza. Then i woke up on Sunday and repeated. I really didn’t do anything, i got very educated and kind of a smart ass, but i was hiding in my bubble, safe from the cold and harsh world i was hiding from. I grew tired of myself and my routine of blowing everything off, every time i started something, i just let it slip away. I had no discipline or perseverance, but i wanted it.

So i figured out that successful people are doing the things that no one else does. Anyone can have discipline for a month, but year in and year out, that is a different animal. I figured out that it is the little things that really matter in the end. Lets say your in school, perhaps instead of paying attention to what the teacher is saying, you discuss the weekend with a friend instead of listening to the teacher. To being able to focus when it matters, intensify the “work” when you are “working”. I was under the impression that successful people did their activity all day long, seven days a week. But that is rarely the truth, that is how you kill your motivation. If you did only a little, but you really did it every day, i started to notice change in so many aspects of my life. It also builds a sense persistence and you start missing whatever you are doing when you don’t do it.

Learning something new is the most exiting thing about being alive, i would go as far as to say that it is really the essence of life itself. There are so many things that you can practice for 5 minutes a day, but all those 5 minute blocks builds skill after time. This can be anything. From cooking, doing a handstand, whistling, open a conversation, thermodynamics, singing…. The list is infinite. And the actual skill of learning becomes better as well, so you get better and better at learning new stuff. How cool is that?

If you say you have no time for learning new things, i challenge you to ask yourself, how much time do you spend in front of your television, iPad or iPhone?

What have you learned lately?

Do you find it hard to be creative and just DO IT?

So find something that you want to learn and Throw Away Your Television!

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