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This Offer Includes:

Personality Profile

This profile of you and your life gives you a well-rounded picture of who you are right now in this moment and time.

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Spend a Day with Stewart Personal Retreat

This is an extremely intense program for those people who want some
One-on-One time to get Their Lives Jump-Started!
A a Great Day Journey into YOUR Own SELF DISCOVERY!
Private, Individual Coaching – Full-Day Personal Retreat
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Expansions’ Mentoring Package

What’s Going On in YOUR Personal World?

Wouldn’t it be great to get Regular Feedback and Interpretations
On your Personal Hyperspace/Oversoul work?

Make a Commitment to Your Personal Growth!

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Our January Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza!

January 13th -17th
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm,Eastern Time (USA)
St Joseph, MI
Our Premier Class Designed Especially for Your Health & Healing!
5 Day Intensive!
You Will Emerge with NEW Insight and Self-Awareness.
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Medical Labs & Supplement Review Report

Our Newest Personal Report.
What Supplements & Dosages are You taking?
Get an Assessment of What Your Body actually
Needs vs What you are giving it.

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