Join Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow and Begin and End your 3-Day Group Fast with support from Janet as well as your fellow-fasters.This is an empowering event with great benefits to your physical, as well as internal health.

You will begin Sunday night, check in Monday night, Tuesday night, and at the conclusion on Wednesday night.

Find out how you are doing and how others are doing; lend support and encouragement; evaluate your progress; get your questions answered.

If you have not fasted before “Fasting & Detoxification: How You Can Benefit” Webinar required.

Once you register, you are invited to send in your questions, comments, and concerns  for Janet’s consideration so that your specific questions can be incorporated into the talk she gives to the group. The sooner you get your information to them, the easier it will be to incorporate what you need to know into her talk.

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