Is there anyone out there who has never felt depressed?

Looking back I can see I was depressed, at 17, after I had a horse riding accident and shattered my elbow and fractured my wrist. I also had mild concussion and wandered if I’d been shaken into a sub-personality as I was a very different person afterwards.

Then I went through a dark stage around 19-20. It wasn’t until I moved out of home to live with a man who much older than me, that subsequent situations had me withdrawing and sitting on the couch for hours staring at nothing. He told me I was depressed and when I objected, he argued telling me he knew what he was talking about. That certainly depressed me! He took me to see his doctor and it was trial and error to find the right balance of drugs to keep me under control. Gosh, looking back at this there was so much that was ‘wrong’ about that relationship. ‘Wrong’ may be my initial response, but was it correct and beneficial? It certainly was as I learnt a lot! It was a few years of fast tracking my issues into self awareness and grounding my education about frequency.

Depression has struck me a few times since those days. When I was forced out of teaching and moved to the country, I was depressed seeing my ‘then partner’ head off to work each day. That’s where I wanted to be, but was unable. It became a challenge to get out of bed. If I did get myself up, then I would sit on the rug in the lounge room and stare out the window for hours. Really, I was staring at nothing. This went on for a couple of years and it’s no way to live.

One day I was hit with depression so quickly I spent 10 days sitting in an armchair observing my Self being depressed. That was an interesting experience and it noted a change. Rather than sitting in the chair for 10 days depressed staring into nothing, I was able to observe myself in that state. My thoughts were looping ‘oh, I’m depressed… That’s interesting… Get out of it.. Get up.. Move…. Why don’t I just move… ohhh, I’m depressed..’ Ten days later I did move. Do you know that 10 = 1, which represents a new beginning?

I kept moving forward until one day a couple of years ago, it was Christmas Eve and in the midst of preparing for Christmas Day, I realised I was depressed. I had boxes of essential oils by then and went to inhale Bergamot. That’s often top of people’s lists for depression, time to give it a go for myself. What Bergamot did for me was keep me moving. I still had feelings of depression, but movement was important. Then the day after Christmas, the feelings of depression come upon me so strongly and fast I knew I had seconds to do something to halt it. It happened so fast I didn’t even think to employ my Expansions techniques. Now that’s almost second nature to me 🙂 I ran to the cupboard where my oils are, opened boxes and looked at them. I knew I needed something more powerful than Bergamot, but what? I was looking at the all the labels on the lids when Ginger stood out. Really? Ohh, don’t question, just do it! I pulled that bottle out, took the lid off and inhaled deeply. Wooowwww…. I felt my brain click into gear and wake up.

Why am I writing about depression now? I felt a bit sad and depressed yesterday. A bit different today, though it’s still there. Movement is important and I’ve been busy. Maybe I’ve been too busy. I think I’m just feeling sad.  A few other people have been mentioning depression too and I wonder what’s going on globally.

Gone are the days when we didn’t talk about these things. I remember my Grandpa used to get depressed. If I asked him if he was ok he would reply “I’ve got to do this before I die.”

That’s no way to live. So, it seems depression is in the family. Does that mean I have to sit back and accept it? I don’t think so! Actually, I know I don’t have to.

Then there’s oppression and that’s a different kettle of fish!

Do you know the difference between depression and oppression?

Have you ever felt either or both?

What do you do when depressed?

Do you know if you have a family history of this?

What are your thoughts on accepting family genetics?

Can you see positives in past relationships?


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