Travelling with essential oils is a question I frequently receive. As I travel overseas and within Australia often I am very comfortable with knowing what I can take with me and why.

For starters, your bathroom pack must fit within a 1L bag and any liquids must be in no larger than a 3.4oz or 100ml bottle. You can get silicon travel bottles easily from eBay or specialist stores. They come in various sizes and having a good idea of the volume you’ll need for the duration of your travel will determine how much you take.

Starting from the top, dōTERRA have sample packs of shampoo and conditioner. If you wash your hair every day it is advisable to fill a silicon tube, for those who wash their hair less frequently I suggest taking the number of sample packs that you’re likely to need. I like to add one extra, just in case. You can always give that extra sample away to someone who will appreciate it. Make sure you exchange contact details!

Ice Blue also comes in sample Deep Blue packs. This is a good way to travel with the cream, though I tend to take the Touch Roll on with me. I did mention above that the sample packs are a great way to share the purity of dōTERRA. Here in Australia we can buy the sample packs from the US. They’re reasonably priced and shipping is fair and prompt.

You can either take a bath bar, Citrus Bliss will energise your senses in the morning, whereas the Serenity bath bar is advised if you shower in the evening. Alternatively, you can fill a silicon bottle with dōTERRA’s spa body wash. I know from experience that you only need a little for washing, though I do know that some people like to lather themselves from head to foot. You know yourself!

OnGuard is used daily as an immune booster. I used the drops and beadlets when I developed a nasty sore throat in Scotland last year and it cleared up within a few days. I also put my travel companion on it straight away and they cruised through without a hint of it. The Touch Roll on is great to apply to the soles of feet day and night while travelling as a preventative. Doing this has helped me remain lurgy free despite my father having a nasty head cold for 2 weeks now. I personally use the neat form day and night and I know that many people cannot do this as the oil tends to be drying and can cause irritation.

Beadlets, dry soap, On Guard and Breathe drops, lip balm as well as the sample packs can go in your suitcase.

Melaleuca is great for minor skin irritations and seasonal allergies. Lavender is good for cuts, abrasions, bruises, anything red and/angry, mood as well! Lavender Touch is safe for kids. I carry both of these as Touch Roll ons.

Easy Air/Breathe is important for clearing the airways. Touch Roll on again and drops.

Wild orange is good to put a drop in water to help purify and give a great flavour.

InTune for focus and concentration and Past Tense for neck tension.

Clary Calm goes everywhere with me and men like it too. It’s great for calming angry/irritated people if you feel safe enough offering it to them. Or it will assist in calming you in their presence 😉 Also good for cramps.

TerraShield, I’ve heard mixed reviews about this and I personally prefer to make my own blend if I’m going into bug season. Though I’m not often bothered by bugs.

Peppermint beadlets will provide fresh breath and wake you up, opening your airways. Also good for nausea.

dōTERRA On Guard toothpaste also comes in sample packs, though it may be of greater benefit to put some in a silicon bottle.

You can make a mouthwash by filling a silicon bottle with water, sea salt and your favourite oil. I use myrrh and clove. Remember, clove is a hot oil. Peppermint and On Guard can be used as well. Silicon doesn’t react with essential oils.

dōTERRA lip balm. I often get dry lips, though I’ve noticed lately that this is improving and I’m relying less on my lip balm whereas in the past it was always out.

A travel supplement box for your supplements. I don’t like to be without my Long Life Vitality trio, they support my body beautifully and naturally and I have great natural stamina since I’ve began taking these. If I’m travelling for duration I tend to put my tablets in plastic bags, enough for the entire trip. These can go in your bag or suitcase. Occasionally I take whole bottles and they go in my suitcase.

Digestzen softgels are great for aiding digestion, though I tend to take the Touch Roll on.

Actually I take ALL of the roll ons! Do you want the list? Here goes;

Melaleuca, Lavender, Peppermint, Breathe/Easy Air, Oregano, On Guard, Digestzen, Past Tense, InTune, Clary Calm, Ice Blue/Deep Blue, Frankincense, Immortelle/Salubelle, HD Clear. The Touch Roll ons are child friendly, the others be cautious, although InTune is widely being used for children with great results.

I also include small roll ons I’ve made up myself of my favourite oils Whisper and Balance.

Now that I’ve begun experimenting with dōTERRA’s Emotional Blends I’ll be including a few of those too.

I also have my own EmotionOil blends that go in as well!

This is a long list, but you’ll be amazed at what you can fit into a 1L bag.

Once you’re on your final leg of the flight to and from, you can put your roll ons and other oils into your carry bag. I use Sew Grown clasp bags as they keep all the oils tightly together, neatly and they take up minimal room. There is a wide range of travel cases for oils available, have a look around to find what appeals to you. I like the ones that cater for roll ons as they are more convenient for me.

Any questions? Contact me!

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