They implemented the “Monarch” programming, knowing that the “monarchs” are the kings and queens from God-Mind that are now slaves to the Luciferian energy. This is their cosmic joke.

They have the secret knowledge of your true heritage because you agreed to forget it. They remolded and reshaped your history because you let them. They genetically engineer you so that you can serve Lucifer, their god. They think that they have the right to do this.

They brought your mother and father together to create what they think is genetically superior progeny. They built the bodies, knowing the type of soul-personality that the body would attract.

The Luciferians aid the idea of Separation. They take you so far outside of Your Self that you totally forget your connections. They take away your original foods sources, symbolic of the control that they have over your mental food.

You are fed herd-mentality food, such as beef, rather than animals that are more aggressive and independent like wild game and buffalo. You no longer eat according to season or according to the needs of your body. Many, many indigenous game, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation are no longer even in existence. (cont’d)

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