They control your eating habits, spending habits, clothing habits, social habits. They gently lead the lambs to slaughter. And you obediently follow. No one takes anything from you. You give everything to them. All internal power and knowledge you hand over on a silver platter.

They continually replace what is natural to you in this environment with what is easiest to implement control over the group mind.

They already control your mind—now they only want to make it official instead of secret. A little chip in your brain will make you smarter. Why rely on your mind when you can rely on a chip? You have been lulled into a dull complacency.

You take the short-term route, they take the long-term. They plan for decades and centuries, slowly and patiently, as you are lead away from your idea of the Creator to slowly embrace theirs.

When anyone removes him/herself from the Luciferian energy stream, you bash and pummel them, trying to get them back into alignment with Luciferian energy. You do not go after the top of the pyramid because they are beyond your reach.

Instead, you reach out to your peers and your leaders, who are within reach. Much easier targets. You strike out blindly because this is the way you fulfill your programming- to bring all the people back down to your level to serve your Luciferian god. (cont’d)

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