You must remember that you are the vessel through which God-Mind creates. Release your need to be the Creator. Remember your True Origins. “Remember” that you are already connected. Claim your internal power. Know who and what you are.

Change yourself, change your world. Take back your power. No longer allow the outside world to control you. Stop being the lamb who is led to slaughter. When you stand in your strength and power, you release the need to fear.

What is the True Story of the Original Fall From Grace? Find your own answers. You know them. They are within you. Look, feel, listen, absorb, know. The beginning of this physical reality exists in the Eternal Now.

Locked deep within your genetic code are your memories of your Original Descent into this physical reality. With your mind focused at your pineal gland, visualize the DNA archetype in a deep, dark green. Allow it to open as you stand in your center, anchored firmly in the strength of Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind.

With your internal eyes open, allow the experiences that link “you” to your Original Descent flow to you. Feel yourself in the midst of Creation Itself, moving out from God-Mind for the first time ever, swimming in creative energy, moving through the tetrahedron and into the octahedron, seeing/being archetype, feeling/being color, hearing/being tone.

What is your experience as you move your consciousness back to the Eternal Now?

Who are you really and why are you here?

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