The “studies” by “experts” ask, “Are you nervous in front of a crowd? If so, you have anxiety disorder…take this pill.” So, you take the pill. And more pills and more pills until you are so drugged that you do not have a chance of having a sane conversation with yourself or you body.

Or maybe you take “recreational” drugs. Because you are convinced by someone outside of yourself that these are “safe.” Something for everybody is included in the agenda.

Did anyone force the pill in your mouth? No. You ask for it, you pay for it with your own money, and you put it in your mouth with your own hand. Who did this? You! Your gullibility is a weakness that the agenda willingly exploits.

No one questions. No one is a leader. You are so disctracted in the process of procuring things that you do not have any time left for self-exploration. You let others explore and then trust, not even questioning who it is that you are trusting.

Self-justification instead of Self-exploration. Denigrate those who truly have answers so that you can justify that you do not. “Destruction of your Savior” was the programming that was implemented and continues to be imprinted today with the Crucifixion Story.

Destroy those who are here to bring you salvation, or lead you back to God-Mind, while you self-justify aiding the Luciferian cause. Destroy those who are here to help you help your Self.

Now, everyone works for Lucifer as Lucifer goes about creating its playthings. Now, you are the plaything of Lucifer. You work and struggle day in and day out to pay your bills and give your children a better life.

But who benefits the most from your work? The top of the pyramid. They are supported by your efforts, with your labor, by your taxes. They have incomes that are unimaginable to most people.

They have the finest that the world has to offer. They started creating “things.” They believe that these “things” are theirs. They believe that you are their slave creation. (cont’d)

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