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A portion of the Angelic Frequency decided that it was equal to the totality of God-Mind. This is what is called “Luciferian” energy, which means “of the light.”

The light became enamored with itself, and started to create a microcosm of the God-Mind. This is when the octahedron began to form around the tetrahedron.

This was the start of the Unholy Trinity. Out of the Luciferian energy descended the energy frequency known as Satan. Satan believes itself to be the equivalent to the Christ Consciousness.

In turn, out of Satan descended the Devil energy frequency which sees itself as the equivalent of the Oversoul Matrix.

So, at one end of the octahedron within the tetrahedron is the Holy Trinity known as God-Mind, Christ Consciousness, and Oversoul Matrix.

At the opposite end of the octahedron is the Unholy Trinity, known as Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil.

This is the balance of God-Mind Intelligence expressing in physical reality as Duality.