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Both positive and negative are a part of the Duality that God-Mind is exploring. One cannot exist without the other. The Unholy Trinity represents the most negative intelligence, and the Holy Trinity represents the most positive intelligence.

“Evil” is a judgment of negative intelligence; “good” is a judgment of positive intelligence. Everything in between is a composite of positive and negative, or good and evil. This is a matter of polarities and balance.

The Oversoul Matrix permeates both the Holy Trinity and the Unholy Trinity. It is this Matrix that permeates all life forms in physical reality. Because the octahedron construct (created by Lucifer) essentially came out of the tetrahedron  (Angelic Hierarchy), it must be reassimilated back into God-Mind through the tetrahedron.

The illusion of “fighting” against the Angelic Hierarchy gives the Unholy Trinity polarity and existence. It must create the illusion that it is in control, because in True Actuality, it can never be in control.