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God-Mind continued to explore Duality through this process of reshaping and remolding Itself. Thus continued the evolvement of Intelligent Energy as It created the illusion of Independent Intelligence within each form. As the Independent Intelligences split and divided, the illusion of separation continued.

From there, the illusion separated into the conscious mind (present moment), subconscious mind (memories/merging of conscious and superconscious minds), and superconscious mind (God-Mind connection), with all three parts forming its own reflection of the Original Trinity of Creation.

As the division and splitting continued, the illusion that this part of God-Mind was moving further away from Itself continued. This is known as the Original Descent into physical reality, sometimes referred to as the “Fall from Grace.”

Lucifer, the lead “descending” Intelligence, began to believe in its conscious mind that it alone was Creating. It “forgot” the Intelligence behind it. The function of Lucifer was to entice more illusionary “divisions” to follow it. Lucifer showed these divisions “its” creations.

Lucifer said, “Look what I created!” The others thought that Lucifer had great power as they, too, “forgot” their origins. They became mesmerized, desiring to learn how to create like Lucifer. Fascinated with its own creations, Lucifer wanted more and more creations so it could see what it could do. Many followed this original descent into physical reality. (cont’d)