Because God-Mind is always in balance, other Intelligent Energies had to follow to correct the imbalance. As these Intelligent Energies followed, they also divided and split, learning how to create in the same way as Lucifer.

In a sense, they became like spies—absorbing Luciferian knowledge so that eventually they could “lead” these mesmerized intelligences “back” to their Source in True Actuality.

As the “spies” created they became fascinated with what they, too, could manifest. Eventually, they fell deep into the illusion of separation from their Source. Unlike Lucifer, they longed to be reunited with their Source but “forgot” the way.

As Luciferian energy descended and created, it became increasingly enamored with the power that comes with creation. It learned to make its creation exponentially dense, and then continued to split itself so that it could inhabit its creations.

As a response to the Luciferian method of creation, the other faction of the Angelic Hierarchy had no choice but to do the same so that it could inhabit its creations and manipulate physical reality in the same way. (cont’d)

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