As a reflection of the Unholy Trinity, the other faction began to think, “See what I created?”  Considering that God-Mind is the Intelligence behind all creation, whether acknowledged or not, this continues the illusion of Duality and Separation.

Because Lucifer started the descent, its function is to create the greatest separation from the God-Mind (or the appearance of) that it possibly can. Now, most intelligent beings believe the illusion that they are separate from God-Mind.  They have fallen into the fascination of personal creation as opposed to God-Mind Creation.

Lucifer looks for ways to express itself through its creation.  This is its play, entertainment, and ultimately self-exploration.  It moves in and out of its creations–people, places, and things.  It is an intelligent energy that creates and continues to explore the depths of Duality and Separation within the Mind of God.

Now, people do not think about how to do anything for themselves. If the body is sick, they go to a doctor to heal it.  They have forgotten that all they have to do is use the power of their minds to heal. If they want to learn about nutrition they go to the library to read a book because they have forgotten their Source.  If they want to travel, they get into a vehicle. They have forgotten that their minds can take them wherever they need to go.

People have forgotten that the body does not need to age.  They go to a plastic surgeon to correct the effects of aging rather than look within.  They go further and further away from God-Mind as Creator.  When they build a car, they say, “Look what I created,” or when they secure a wonderful business deal, they say, “Look what I created,”  just like Lucifer.  They forget the Intelligence working through them.  (cont’d)

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