Lucifer continues to look for outlets to express itself. It has tricked the other faction of God-Mind into believing that they create, rather than acknowledging that God-Mind creates through them.

The devotees of Lucifer meet the needs of all before anyone even knows that he/she has a need. Go into any store needing absolutely nothing. There will be some “thing” that catches your eye. Suddenly, you “need” that thing! The object of your desire is created outside of you before you even realize that you have a desire for it.

You come home with an armful of material possessions that keep you occupied. You do not even have to think about thinking for yourself. Why bother. Someone else can do this for you.

You place your devotion in things that you will believe will take care of you. You place your devotion in the people who bring you these things. You sell your soul for things and then beg for more. You put things ahead of all else, with the pursuit of things as the ultimate goal.

You are lulled by things as you continually move further away from your own internal ability to express God-Mind creating through you. You are lulled by people who you believe can bring you these things, forgetting that all people have the same innate properties. You can bring to your Self all that you need simply by remembering your own Internal Connection to All That Is.

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