Mesmerized like a cobra, the outer world now run by Luciferian energy simply plays a tune and the entire group consciousness follows without question. This week they play, “Eggs are bad for you,” and the collective conscious mind sways to the tune.

Next week they play, “Eggs are good for you” and again, the collective conscious mind blindly follows. Hypnotically, slowly, methodically, minds are dulled and numbed to their own Source until the people are led like children of the Pied Piper into the river to drown.

Things are the most important part of people’s lives. They easily hand their children over to the care of strangers to raise them while they pursue their things. What would the children rather have…things or their parents?

Pursuit of things; fascination with things–this is what got you into trouble in the first place. You want to create. You want to be God rather than allow God-Mind to operate in and through you. You follow the path of Lucifer who wanted to be God.

You want to be God so that you create instead of being the vehicle through which God creates. The “New Age” even taught people to say “I AM God.” This is incorrect. You are like the wave upon the ocean. You contain all the same elements of the ocean, but you are not the ocean. You are wrapped up in things. This is your distraction and imprisonment.

Now, it is time to remember that you are simply the vessel through which the God-Mind creates. Stand still. Allow this intelligence to move through you rather than going seeking outside of your Self.

“Be still.” This does not mean to sit in silent meditation for endless hours. This means to acknowledge the inner connection from which you are not separated and have never been separated.

Lucifer always seeks vessels through which to operate. It gains an increasingly greater hold in its own insidious way. It inserts frequency into what ordinary people judge as “good.” Then the frequency is piggybacked with an “evil” frequency that walks right in through your front door.

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