Evil is invited in without questioning or realizing that it is even entered as it is cloaked in “good.” When you do not know your own frequency, how can you recognize that which is within you that does not belong? And, since you are the one who invited this guest in, you are the one who must determine how to get the guest to leave.

Sometimes the guest is purposely invited in as the only way to explore it. Sometimes you decide to eat at the same table as this guest so that you can continue your undercover work to understand it in every way possible so that you can eventually lead it “back” into the God-Mind. You cannot divest yourself, or this reality, of anything unless you know what it is.

This is one reason why many specifically programmed people on some level consent to their programming. They are really spies for the Holy Trinity. This allows them access to the “Unholy Trinity” in a way that no one would suspect. While they look like unwilling participants, they are in fact gathering knowledge and information so that they can lead these negative energies back to the God-Mind as well as others who are caught in this entrapment and cannot find the way out.

Lucifer is simply exploring itself. It creates beings and things. First, you welcome the beings into your life because they promise false comforts. Then, its beings create things for you that you welcome into your life. Lucifer becomes your companion. You do not want to divest yourself of it, regardless of your words.

You are too busy saying, “Look what I created! Look at the home I built! Look at the car I bought! Look at the children I made! Look at the Healing Energy I sent!”

“I, I, I!” Are you any better than those that you criticize?

Luciferians simply explore their Creator as they understand it. They explore the opposite end of the spectrum of God-Mind. They help God-Mind understand Itself through Duality, through Separation.

You are a willing participant in their study. You allow yourself to be lead outside of yourself for answers. You send your children to classrooms to read out of books. Are the books correct? You look to “experts” for the answers. Do you question who the experts are?

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