People, remember that on July 17, 1996, TWA 800 was also blown up while flying off the coast of Long Island by a missile observed by a Saudi Airlines pilot who reported this upon landing at JFK. That pilot vanished. Also remember that the next day, famous reporter, Pierre Salinger had a media conference in Paris where he presented radar evidence of a missile strike on TWA 800. He was forced to later apologize and also vanished from the public scene.

On board TWA 800 were two French AIDS researchers who allegedly stole samples of the virus from a lab in New Mexico that “proved” an alien connection to the illness. They were accompanied by an Israeli Mossad agent. The flight was held for them since their connecting flight was late. I remember living on Long Island at that time and being told to NOT touch anything on the beach that washed up from the crash because there were vials that may contain active HIV that was being transported to France for testing. So we were told.

Now, exactly 18 years to the day of that plane destruction, we find MH 17 blown up. CNN and AOL are reporting the following:

SYDNEY (AP) – Several passengers on board a Malaysian jetliner shot down over Ukraine were world-renowned researchers heading to an international AIDS conference in Australia, officials said Friday.

“A number of people” on board the Boeing 777 were en route to the southern Australian city of Melbourne to attend the 20th International AIDS conference, which starts Sunday, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop told reporters in Brisbane.

The plane, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, crashed Thursday with 298 people on board. American intelligence authorities believe a surface-to-air missile brought the aircraft down but it was not yet clear who fired the missile.

At least 27 Australians were confirmed to be on board the plane, which was scheduled to continue flying to the western Australian city of Perth after stopping in Kuala Lumpur, Bishop said.

Among the passengers was former president of the International AIDS Society Joep Lange, a well-known HIV researcher from the Netherlands, opposition leader Bill Shorten said in parliament.

“There are Australians who would have planned to be at the airport tomorrow night to greet friends and family – amongst them, some of the world’s leading AIDS experts,” Shorten said. “The cost of this will be felt in many parts of the world.”

Chris Beyrer, president-elect of the International AIDS Society, said if reports of Lange’s death were true, “then the HIV/AIDS movement has truly lost a giant.”

OK, you can’t make this up! Same date, AIDS involved, missile destroys both planes. Hello! This was no accident and no terrorist act. It was a deliberate stopping of information regarding AIDS.

Keep in mind, back in 1999, a Swissair flight from JFK to Geneva was destroyed over the Atlantic Ocean. On board were AIDS researchers from Brookhaven National Labs who were attending a conference where they were going to expose the AIDS conspiracy!

Seems like this “illness” is a very sensitive issue for the Illuminati. They will kill 100s to stop a few.

Also interesting is the planted cell phone calls from alleged Russian fighters in Ukraine saying that they made a mistake–thinking it was a Ukrainian transport flight or even Putin’s private jet. Really? Those aircraft emit totally different signals. No. This was done by professionals who KNEW what they were doing. Other commercial airliners have flown over that region with no issues. Also strange that Putin called Obama within moments of the attack to tell him what happened, as if to say–mission accomplished.

Also interesting that the black box has been recovered and supposedly transferred to Moscow. The BUK missile launcher that did the deed has been transported back to Russian territory and destroyed. No evidence. At least–not real evidence anymore. Another cover-up accomplished. WW3 can begin.

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