Have you ever heard of visceral massage? I hadn’t until a year or so ago and I went looking for someone in my area, only to find out I’d been seeing an Osteo who did visceral massage a couple of years before. I had stopped seeing him as a few repressed memories had come up that were shaking my world and I needed time to sort it out.

Hindsight is always wonderful and I can tell you, not everyone has hindsight, so if you do, then that’s great! So, in hindsight I understood that trauma resides in our cells. Have you heard of cellular memory? This is what’s released when certain parts of the body are stimulated. This can happen from intimate touch, aroma, noise, anything that repeats the original trauma, or therapeutical touch.

Visceral massage works to release the tendons that surround and hold organs in their place. Releasing that tension often leads to the release of cellular memory. The first time that happened to me, I instinctively knew that my Osteo had someone caused it and I wasn’t ready to go back.

Now I am.

I found a local woman and we are a beautiful frequency match. Our conversation is easy, non-judgemental and no topic is taboo. She understands what my issues are through her own, somewhat different, experiences, yet there’s enough there for her to understand me.

My first session was last week and that’s partly what lead to my post about ‘dark night of the soul’. This second session today has resulted in me remembering multiple things from my past. Not many are pleasant. I no longer feel shame or fear remembering these things as those feelings only serve to suppress and I’ve suppressed for long enough as it is. The beauty is I’m making connections with the memories that are surfacing. They’re opening lids on other memories, enabling me to ask more questions, pieces of my jigsaw puzzle are fitting into place. And that’s why I do this work. I want to see what the picture puzzle is about.

Do you feel like your life is a jigsaw puzzle?

What sort of picture do you feel you’re making?

Have you ever had visceral massage?

Have you ever had repressed memories surface?

What would you do if memories did come up unannounced?

Do you actively look into your past to try and understand your present? Why?

Do you look more into the past or the present? Why?

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