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With this Scan You will learn the best locations on earth for you to live.
Where In The World Do You Belong?
Would You Like to Know Where Your Personal Energetic Frequency Best Matches the Earth Energy? 

This amazing report will last you a lifetime! 
Never again will you wonder “is this a good place for me to live?”

Geographic Locator Scan
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 Personal Affirmations ~ by Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow

People Say That Receiving these Personal Affirmations
Is Just Like Getting a Mini-Personal Consultation with Janet!

You can use Personal Affirmations All Day, Every Day to Increase Your Awareness, And Overcome Difficulties and Prosper  

Not Only will you feel better, you will eliminate obstacles that are holding you back – You Will Soar!

Personal Affirmations  
1 Issue – 5 Affirmations: 
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Additional Issues – 5 affirmations each: 
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Your Home Represents the “Mansion of Your Soul” 
The rooms and design represent your mind-patterns.
The furniture and colors represent your fixed thoughts. 
The area where it is located reflects your energy.  

You can determine if your current representation of your “Mansion of Your Soul” 
                                          Pulls You Down,  Holds You Where You Are, OR Elevates You Into Your Potential.

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