It’s been day 3 of sadness and depression and today I began to get overwhelmed and started delving within in a different way to try and shift whatever’s been upsetting me. Day 3, I’ve been perfecting something I’m creating. That’s encouraged me to get this sorted and out, so I can get on with tomorrow.

I’ve been looking at frequencies as I’m in an 8 yr and in a few months will be moving into a 9. Eight is about OverSoul and finances. Nine is about completing a cycle and I feel as though I’m in that energy already. I’ve been tidying up many things beginning with finally feeling at home and more importantly, feeling at home within. I’ve been ‘running’ for so long and now I’ve stopped, it’s a rather odd feeling. One guess what my sadness has been about.

I’ve been grieving. Any type of change, particularly those long held with an emotional attachment, require time to adjust and to grieve. It’s important to allow this to flow in it’s own time and without judgement. Emotions are irrational at the best of times, why throw judgement in there and make matters more complicated?

I went out and allowed my tears to flow. I know I should feel comfortable crying anywhere, but I recognised that I was suppressing and so I went out. I had an appointment in the afternoon and arrived in tears.. Gosh.. stop judging myself.

I saw a new Osteopath who does visceral massage and we clicked the moment we came face to face! It was lovely to talk and to be listened to, to have feedback that made sense, she understood me, was compassionate and understood that I would be compassionate too. We discussed oils and I was interested to hear that she recognised the value of Peppermint in massage creams, but she didn’t know why.  Peppermint unlocks cells and drives other chemical compounds straight in, it’s also refreshing to the skin and muscles, as well as the senses!

I had gone into that appointment letting her know I’d need tissues and would only make a follow appointment if and when I was ready. Well, I didn’t need tissues and was ready to schedule my next appointment when she finished!

I hadn’t realised how much attitude I’d walked in with. Attitude from years of seeing various therapists had given me cause to be cautious. I let go of that quickly and she had me laughing loudly!

What I like about visceral massage is it releases the tendons and fascia surrounding the organs, as well as the organs themselves. A tense body doesn’t function optimally. I’d had aggressive visceral massage done many years ago and it had released a series of cellular memories that were traumatic. This woman was gentle, which meant my body relaxed and she could work more effectively. I noticed a big shift in my body after a couple of minutes and I’m aware repressed memories could come up.

I spoke to her about about what to do to hold the treatment in the body. You may be aware that therapies can leave you feeling good, but after a day or so, you’re back to where you began. I already know what I can do to hold this work in my body, but I was curious about what she would say. Hmm.. I’ll keep doing what I do best 😉 I use Ice Blue muscle rub for any muscular manipulation as it soothes my body and mind beautifully. However, it’s important to work on your mind pattern as that’s where dis-ease begins and ends.

Well, it doesn’t end there, though. I’ve been listening to my dear Dad complain loudly about something that happened months ago! he won’t let it go! Immediately I went up to OverSoul and asked what I wasn’t letting go of. I was reminded to revisit what I’d been complaining about to my new Osteopath. Oh. Pulling those memories out now. Thank you Dad and thank you OverSoul.

These are only a few things that happened today!

Do you know what frequency you’re in this year?

Do you know how to work with that frequency to set you up for the next?

Do you judge your emotions?

Has grief been coming up for you?

What do you do to assist your body, your health?

Do you listen to other people and see what they’re reflecting within you?

Do you recognise when you have attitude?

Does attitude serve or hamper you?

Do you know when to let go of attitudes that don’t serve you?

Do you connect to OverSoul and give gratitude?

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